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The Tocqueville Group (TQ) works to advance the Tezos ecosystem by creating open source software and other public goods, providing support to projects and companies building on Tezos, and connecting the global Tezos community.


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TQ Helps Elevated Returns, Securitize Tokenize USD $1B Real Estate on Tezos

TQ is facilitating leading asset tokenization company’s switch to Tezos

TQ is pleased to announce its support of
Elevated Returns and Securitize in their efforts to tokenize $1B of real estate assets on Tezos. ER called Tezos a superior blockchain for asset tokenization, future-proofing ER’s offering and offering a greater focus on smart contract security.

Compliance platform Securitize will add support for Tezos to ensure ER’s compliance with securities laws and regulations, ensuring that ER can continue to tokenize and issue compliant assets on Tezos in regulated markets worldwide.

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B9 Lab to launch Tezos Blockstars developer training

TQ collaborates with B9 Lab on Tezos course to train 250 developers

B9 Lab, a leading blockchain education company, is launching a Tezos course for developers. We worked with the team at B9lab to develop the Tezos Blockstars program — a free training course for those interested in writing Tezos smart contracts and joining the Tezos ecosystem. We collaborated with the Tezos Foundation to arrange a sponsorship for 250 developers.

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Ledger Live to Support Tezos Wallet

TQ partners with Ledger and Obsidian to bring Tezos to Ledger Live.

Ledger, the Paris-based company behind one of the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets, announced on January 23rd that Obsidian Systems’ Tezos wallet is now available to download on its flagship Ledger Live application. Until now, access to Obsidian’s Tezos wallet was available only through “Developer Mode”.

TQ partnered with Obsidian Systems, the NYC-based software development company working on ledger wallet and baking applications (which allow for ledger-based voting), to add Obsidian’s Tezos wallet to Ledger Live.

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TQuorum: Tezos Global Summit Announced

Join us in September 2019 in NYC. Sign up for updates below.

The Tocqueville Group (“TQ”) is pleased to announce TQuorum, a summit for the global Tezos community.

To take place in September 2019, TQuorum will draw developers and enthusiasts to New York City for a three-day summit about Tezos. Keynote speeches, technical workshops, topic discussions, and networking opportunities will enable community members from around the world to learn from Tezos subject matter experts, connect and exchange ideas, discuss current and future developments in the ecosystem, and advance the growth of Tezos.

To receive updates about TQuorum, sign up with your email as indicated in the section below. Additional information and registration is forthcoming.

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TQ has reviewed and aggregated resources from across the Tezos ecosystem to help developers, businesses, and enthusiasts get started and learn about Tezos. The Tezos Wiki is a living document that will evolve and improve over time.

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