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WE'LL do the rest!

Small and medium size businesses frequently don't reach their potential because they get bogged down in the "business" side of their company instead of focusing solely on the service they are uniquely suited to provide. Dealing with invoice processing, running payroll and other essential back office tasks takes time away from billable hours or requires a full time employee earning competitive salary and benefits. Until now! The team at Tocqueville Group is ready to take those tasks off your plate and ensure that you, your employees, and your vendors will all be paid on time and that your business can unleash its full profit potential.

Services include:

  • Payroll (Including benefit management)
  • Accounts¬†payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Financial¬†statement preparation
  • External audit oversight
  • Insurance policy review and recommendation
  • General finance advice

Peter Kraft, President, is a CPA with decades of experience in finance including hedge fund accounting and overseeing the financial growth of several start ups. With experience in a wide variety of industry including real estate, advertising, law, and Web3, TQ will gain a deep understanding of your business model and partner with your team to ensure success.

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